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Dangers and Health Hazards of Underground Storage Tank

An underground storage tank (UST) is a lurking danger for the environment and inhabitants of a property. North America has a history of buried oil tanks that are now abandoned by the residents. They are no longer in use and pose a danger to the people occupying that area as well as the surroundings.

Earlier, fuel tanks or underground oil tanks played an essential role in the heat and energy supply to a home. They were in working condition and part of the energy consumption cycle of the property. However, USTs are no longer used in Canada or the USA. They are abandoned and have been reduced to a mere danger for the property and people due to their untimely disposal and lack of knowledge.

The municipality as well as the provincial government has time and again highlighted the dangers of an existing oil tank on the property. A buried or a hidden oil tank generally faces some common issues that can result in the damage of the land around that area along with the inhabitants and neighbors of the property that is contaminated.

Corrosion, Leakage and Oil Spill

One of the prime dangers of an underground storage tank is the corrosion of the surface of the oil tank. The corrosion process can result in a deep damage to the metal that can even lead to perforation or excessive damage. The contents of the oil tank can also get spilled out in such a case. Oil spill is a dangerous situation as its can damage the soil that it gets in contact with.

Oil Spill can be easily spotted if there is a corroding metal jar or container on the property. If you have a coffee jar tossed on the garden or backyard and it is getting corroded or blackened in quick time, it shows there is an oil spill or contamination of soil.

Oil tanks were earlier made of uncoated steel which got corroded easily. If you have come across a corroded oil tank on your property or you suspect one, you need to hire the services of a professional UST removal company for its proper removal and disposal.

Soil Contamination

Contamination is the most common resultant arising from an unattended oil tank. The oil tank, irrespective of any damage to it or not, can have oil spill or leakage. Soil gets contaminated from underground storage tanks and the vegetation on the ground is damaged. Animals feeding on such vegetation are also greatly affected. Similarly, health of the inhabitants of the property is also at risk in such a situation.

A professional oil tank removal company uses high-end technology to detect the presence of an oil tank, remove it diligently and dispose it off at a treatment unit or through an environmentally friendly procedure.

Soil testing and land remediation are also important aspects of oil tank removal. An environmental specialist ensures that the soil is contamination free and if there is any amount of contamination, then land remediation techniques are followed for resolving the issue.

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Oil Tank Removal In Vancouver – Is It Worth It?

Some of the provincial laws in British Columbia can make little sense in our modern world. A lot of them seem archaic and inconvenient and don’t fall in line with modern life in a city like Vancouver.


One such law is the removal of Residential Underground Storage Tanks (RUSTs). These are oil tanks that were previously used for heating residential properties, before natural gas became the main fuel source in Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia. When this happened, the old oil tanks were buried underground to keep them out of the way and out of sight. This seemed like a good idea at the time but we have since learnt that it can have not so good consequences for the environment surrounding it.

Since the issue of environmental damage has become an issue, the government of British Columbia has made it the law that owners of a property must have the tank removed. So, yes, availing yourself of oil tank removal in Vancouver is worth it, especially since not getting an oil tank removal service in Vancouver is against the law. Irritatingly, it is the current property owner who has to remove it, even if you didn’t know it was there when you bought the property and, if you are planning on selling your property, then oil tank removal in Vancouver is essential. You will not find a buyer who will be willing to take on an oil tank, not matter how good the property is, as it is against the law.

It is also worth availing yourself of oil tank removal in Vancouver in terms of the environment. Oil tanks were emptied before they were buried but there is always the possibility of some residual liquid being left in them and leaking into the soil over time. Having the oil leak into the soil can damage the ecosystem around it, have an unsightly effect on your garden and it could also harm your neighbour’s property. As Canadians are noted for being so environmentally conscious, you should think of it as extremely worthwhile to get an oil tank removal in Vancouver.

So as you can see, an oil tank removal in Vancouver is absolutely worthwhile. You will be helping repair or prevent environmental damage and you will be adding value to a previously unsellable property.

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Property Owners and Oil Tank Removal

If you are a homeowner in British Columbia and are thinking about selling your property, you are in a very good position. Property prices in the province are soaring, especially in the city of Vancouver. Space is seriously in demand in the city, with newcomers looking to snatch up whatever house or condo they can find.

While it is relatively easy to sell a house in Vancouver and neighboring British Columbia cities, there is one thing that can get in the way: having an oil tank on your property. This may come as a surprise to many homeowners looking to sell, as surely you would be able to see an oil tank on your property? But the fact of the matter is that these oil tanks are mostly buried underground so they are not visible. The other fact is that it is not just strongly advised to avail yourself of oil tank removal if you have one on your land, it is actually the law.

Thankfully oil tank removal is not actually a very difficult process. Simply contact a reliable and well-reviewed oil tank removal firm for a consultation. They will visit your property and use radar scanning equipment to detect if there is an oil tank buried in your space. If there is, you can arrange a day for a team to come and remove it. This involves digging the oil tank up from the ground, but with relatively little destruction. Only the minimum amount of land necessary is dug up and it is refilled as soon as the oil tank has been brought to the surface. The oil tank will then be cut up into smaller pieces so it can easily be removed from the property and recycled by the oil tank removal firm. Having an oil tank is not great, but luckily an oil tank removal is swift and easy.

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How To Engage Oil Tank Removal in North Vancouver

Residents of the District of North Vancouver (DNV) should be aware of the guidelines for any issues relating to residential underground storage tanks, or RUST’s as they are known for short. Please note that the below information are only guidelines, and we strongly advise checking directly with the District of North Vancouver before acting on any of these suggestions.


Recommendations for Oil Tank Removal in North Vancouver

It is recommended by the District of North Vancouver that any residential underground storage tanks that are found on a domestic property and have not been used for two or more years consecutively should be removed. As well as being removed, they should also be subject to soil testing in order to ensure that no hazardous or potentially harmful substances have leaked out into the soil.

Although there are currently no bylaws that directly govern oil tank removal in North Vancouver, it is highly recommend for potential health and environmental reasons that they are removed.

District building permit issues

One problem that you may face if you do not engage in your oil tank removal in North Vancouver, is that if you apply for a district building permit then you are required to state if there are any residential underground storage tanks.If so, then you may be required to remove the tank before the permit is issued.

Hiring assistance for oil tank removal in North Vancouver

Once you have had your oil tank removal in North Vancouver completed, you should then contact the District of North Vancouver and advise their environmental department. Once providing them with the reports and other documentation, this information can then be used for future queries about the property.

It is important to safely store any information relating to the oil tank removal in North Vancouver, including receipts from contractors, details of any residue or contaminated water that may have been pumped from the tank, as well as the soil tests.

The owner of the property is subject to all of the costs with removing and decommissioning the residential underground storage tanks and, while you may wish to check with the District of North Vancouver for any changes to bylaws or policy, it is a recommended to remove the oil tanks as soon as possible to avoid any future problems.

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Get the Right Value from Oil Tank Detection Investment

Worried about the presence of an oil tank or storage tank on your property? Looking for an expert to look into the possibility and provide you with the best solution? It is time you start looking in the right direction!

Dangers of Hidden or Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks or UST is a menace that many Canadian homes have to face till date. These are abandoned or hidden oil tanks or fuel tanks that had been operational in the past. They have been on the property for long and are now no more in use. With time and gradual decay in their structure, these USTs undergo a lot of change and can even face leakage issue. If not detected and removed in time, they can cause severe damage to the property and the surroundings in whole.

USTs pose a threat to the environment and property inhabitants as well. Oil spills can result in contamination of the land, damage to the crops (if any in the vicinity), and endanger the health of people living on the property. Even the neighbors can be easily affected by the presence of an unattended oil tank on the land of their neighbors.

Hiring an Oil Tank Detection Expert in Vancouver  

Oil tank detection companies are available in a big number in Vancouver. They offer a variety of other allied services as well that help in proper disposal and renewal of proper living environment in the affected region. However, it is important that each property owner conducts a thorough research and scouts the market for a company that offer nothing short of excellent service and the best result guarantee.

What to Expect from an Oil Tank Removal Expert

If you have finally decided to hire the services of an oil tank detection and removal expert, it is time you understand the variety of other services that accompany that one service. Right from soil testing to establish a possible leakage from an existing tank to detecting the presence of an old oil tank, experts offer a step-by-step guide to carefully detect and remove a storage tank. A professional oil tank removal company is adept to ensure proper disposal of the recovered oil tank as well. The disposal needs to be in the most appropriate way in compliance with the environmental norms. Furthermore, oil tank experts also offer land remediation service to renew the quality of land and property back to normal. This is one of the crucial steps to ensure that the affected piece of property is now free of contamination and does not contain any traces of oil or any possible damage that can again aggravate matters.

Therefore, conduct a thorough research and look for feedback in your locality or from the local municipality on what could be the best choice for an oil tank removal company. You might just find the best value for the investment that you will make in this regard.

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Considerations While Hiring Oil Tank Detection Company

At some point, you might be worried about the possible existence of a storage tank or fuel tank on your property. If you plan to sell your property any time in near future, it becomes all the more important to get your land tested for any such tanks. An oil tank detection company plays a key role in efficiently identifying the presence of any oil tank on your property and its removal as well.

There are many oil tank removal specialists offering a range of services in Vancouver and adjoining areas. If you are looking for a top quality oil tank detection company, there are some important considerations that you need to keep in mind before hiring them. These considerations offer you the best insight into what you can expect from a service provider and what qualities you need to look for in them.

–    Experience – The experience of an oil tank detection and removal company ensures that they have dealt with a similar situation in the past. They already need to have experience of handling oil tank and detection cases in a big number.

–    Reliable – The service provider needs to be fully licensed as well as insured to carry out soil testing, oil tank removal and land remediation tasks with ease and professionalism.

–    Competitive Pricing – You can always get the best price and the best services from the same company if you look in the right direction. Many oil tank removal experts offer best price guarantee to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

–    Best Resources – The scanning, removal and refill procedures need the best tools and equipment.

–    Added Benefits – There are many special offers, free discounts and other benefits available with a service provider. Hence, one should look for a company that fulfills all these criteria.

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Wondering what to do with an oil tank on your property?

Have you recently moved into, or bought a property and are concerned about a buried oil tank? This is a very common and undesirable problem in Vancouver, British Columbia that can have drastic consequences if left untreated.

Since the introduction of natural gas, oil tanks have become more or less obsolete on the west coast. Many unused oil tanks were either discarded or buried underground and built upon when this happened. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now we know it is not as it can affect the land around it in numerous different ways. These oil tanks were frequently filled with sand when buried however it has since been discovered that many had not been properly or completely filled and oil can leak from them, contaminating the soil and the wider environment.

You need to contract an oil tank removal in Vancouver if you find that a tank is buried on your property. If you are unsure, you can have it surveyed using special ground penetrating radar scanning equipment. This will detect an oil tank without causing any further damage. If one is found, you will need to move forward with the oil tank removal in Vancouver. One of the few exceptions is if removing it will cause even more damage than the actual oil tank is doing. Given that this is rarely the case, getting it off your property as soon as possible is the best option.

First you will be given a quote on how much the oil tank removal will cost. Unfortunately the Government of British Columbia will not cover the cost of this, but if you go with a reputable firm like West Coast Tank Recovery, you will receive a quote for free and get excellent value and service for the oil tank removal process.

A trained professional crew will then come to your home at a time that will suit you and excavate the oil tank with as little disruption and disturbance as possible. When using a reliable and recommended firm, this will be done in a contained area with experienced technicians. They will do it in an environmentally sensitive manner and the tank will be broken down and recycled in order to prevent it causing any more damage to the environment than it already has. The land will then be filled by the team leaving it looking as good as new and in better shape than ever given that the potential pollutant is now gone.

While this is certainly not a problem we want to deal with, it can be solved quickly when left in the hands of experts. If you are worried you may have an oil tank on your property, simply get in touch and we will assist you with your oil tank removal in Vancouver.

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Do You Have an Underground Oil Tank?

Bylaws have existed in the North Vancouver area for several decades about out-of-use underground oil tanks and oil tank removal North Vancouver has become the only course of action. The go-to tactic for many years in the past was to simply fill these oil tanks with sand or another material and call the problem solved. As you might expect, this has caused several issues. Oil can contaminate the soil as well as the water in the area. This can not only damage the market quality of the affected properties, but it has a significant health impact as this oil can travel much further than simply a few feet away from the tank. It can drain into rivers, lakes, other properties, and even waterways. Because of this, what was once a minor spill can quickly become a big headache for not only the authorities and the owner of the original property, but also the owners of each property that is affected.

Oil tank removal North Vancouver is your best course of action and of the utmost importance. The authorities do not take on the financial and legal burden of removing underground oil tanks. In fact, the burden is solely taken by the current owner of the property which means that if you’re the one holding the deed when things go south well, you’re the one footing the bill and dealing with the consequences.

While it is required for you to be made aware of all features of a property prior to purchasing it, it can occasionally happen that things get missed or things get intentionally left out. It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare and it often comes true. Luckily, it usually comes true in ways that don’t have so many risks. Unfortunately, the case of an out-of-use oil tank is one way that it can either ruin you financially, or get you into legal trouble. It can happen that the oil tank has been ignored for such a long time that there is actually a permanent building above it now, thereby making it either extremely difficult or impossible for the tank to be removed without destroying the structure.

You must first figure out if you have an oil tank and if it is in a position that makes it possible to remove it. There are companies like West Coast Tank Recovery who do oil tank removal North Vancouver that can not only remove oil tanks (of course), but also act as inspectors who can figure out if there even is an oil tank and whether or not it’s been properly capped. This is best during the buying process, as the seller would be responsible for the costs, but if you discover a tank when you are the owner it is still a wise decision to arrange for oil tank removal North Vancouver. It definitely beats a bill of over $100,000 should the tank deteriorate and contaminate surrounding properties.

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Vancouver Oil Tank Removal-the importance of professionals

If you are removing an oil tank in the Vancouver area, it is in your best interest to hire a professional removal company. Many are tempted to try and remove a buried tank themselves which can leave them open to environmental scrutiny, failure to comply with several government policies and risk other injury or damage. As professionals, it is the company’s responsibility to take care of everything involved in the safe and complete removal of an underground oil tank. These service normally include detection of the tank and surrounding contamination to the complete removal of the tank and site clean-up.

Apart from adopting current standards of oil tank detection and removal, it is also important that they consider the provincial and local city polices for the removal of underground oil storage tanks.

Even for seemingly straightforward task like tank removal, it is important to employ professional and qualified contractors with documented experience. The contractor should have the capability to provide all necessary work orders, and receipts as well as documents explaining the complete inspection, disposal, and recycling of the recovered oil tank and its associated parts, as well as the removal of other contaminated components including things like oily water, rust deposits, and contaminated soil.

Professional companies will base their work on sound engineering practices. There are many concerns involved with oil tank removal including consideration of neighboring property, ensuring all work complies with the Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code, Closure of Underground Storage Tanks and Environmental Code of Practice for Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks to name a few.

Based on these guidelines, the complete report of tank and rust removal is then submitted to the environmental department where the materials are scanned further. In addition, information on oil tank detection by the experts is used for future enquiry by the environmental department.

Do not underestimate the complex nature of a complete removal of a buried tank. Many factors are at play. However the consumer can be assured that in almost every case the grounds and area will be restored as much as possible to their previous condition. No trace of the former tank will be in evidence and a receipt of proof of removal will be available to you should you ever sell the property. It will prove compliance with local, provincial and even federal laws. For oil tank removal it is important to go with the pros. Hire a reputable company and be sure the job is done properly.

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Worried Over a Possible Hidden Oil Tank on your Property?

Whether you are planning to sell you property or not or you are having sleepless nights worried over a possible storage tank on your property? Whatever the scenario is, it can be unnerving to worry over a hidden oil tank. There are chances that the damage has already been done. There could be a spill on the property and it could be reaching the threshold of your neighbors.

What exactly can you do for this?

If you are worried over the presence of an oil tank on your property, look for signs. The first and foremost thing you can do is look for some easy to identify signs that can tell you there is a hidden storage tank or a possible spill on the property. Some of these signs include:

  • Vent or filling pipes protruding from the ground without any explanation
  • Depressions on the ground near a building
  • Heavy plantation or thick grass in a small area to hide the remains of an old fuel tank or its opening
  • Age and type of the property along with its location gives you an idea if that area had oil tank usage and if there was a possible oil tank used at the property with some research into the investigations.
  • There are also various indoor visual clues such as pipes or venting units inside the house without any outlets or inlets. These pipes could have been attached to a heating unit or oil tank earlier.

Undetected underground storage tank or UST can be a menace to the property. They can cause a lot of turmoil in the lives of the property occupants as well as their neighbors. The dangers of oil spill or possible leakage from the poorly abandoned fuel tank can prove hazardous to the environment as well as the people residing in its vicinity.

Hiring a Professional Oil Tank Removal Company

Professional and experienced oil tank removal expert plays a key role in identification of an oil tank. If you are not able to find any visual clues on the property, it is time to call the oil tank detection and removal expert in Vancouver. They use top grade scanning and detection equipment to look for a UST. They work efficiently and in an environment-friendly manner to detect and remove the oil tank from the property.

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