4 Good Signs Your Property May Have An Oil Tank

March 17, 2018

Typically, homes which were built prior to 1975 were heated with heating oil from fuel storage tanks buried beneath the ground, not far from the homes foundation.  Although oil tanks are not use in today’s modern era, many homes do have them, without homeowners knowing they have one on their property.

There are a number of reasons why you should have an oil tank removed from your property:Oil tanks can cause great environmental contamination(which would result in you incurring some lofty fines from the City for cleanup of damages), it can lower the value of your property should you go to sell it, and it could increase the cost of your home insurance.

Here Are 4 Good Signs Your Property May Have An Oil Tank Present:


If you find old copper piping located near your home furnace that has been cinched off, it’s likely your house was heated with the use of an oil tank and you probably have an oil tank buried on your property, unless it has already been removed. There are reputable companies who offer oil tank detection in New Westminster, available to help you determine if, in fact, you do have an oil tank.


Another indication that shows you may have an oil tank present is that there will be an oil tank fill valve or piping,which may be visible a few inches above ground. Keep in mind, the fill valve/piping may not always be visible to the eye, as it may be covered over by bushes etc.In order to be 100% sure your property is oil tank free, seek consultation for an oil tank detection in New Westminster.


Many older homes, particularly those built in the 1950’s, had a small furnace chimney, but keep in mind that if there was a new roof installed on the home, the old furnace chimney would often be removed during the process.


Typically, a property that contains an oil tank will also have a galvanized vent pipe located next to the home’s foundation, which has a mushroom cap top on it.

Whether you have spotted any one of these 4 signs on your property, or not, it may be best to source out a reputable oil tank detection company to give you peace of mind. Many oil tank removal and detection companies, such as West Coast Tank Recovery, provide services throughout the lower mainland, such as Burnaby, Vancouver, New Westminster, and Coquitlam.

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