How Do I Know I Have An Oil Tank

May 4, 2018

Sometimes selling a home in Vancouver can be overwhelming. Sure, there is a demand for housing, and you will probably find a buyer, but navigating the entire process can be a bit scary. The real estate market naturally involves a lot of rules and regulations, and it can be a lot for a single person or family to know.

One of these elements is the possibility of having an oil tank on the property. As you may have learned along the way, it is not legal to sell a property with an oil tank on it in British Columbia. This can cause some stress to the current owners, as many of these oil tanks are buried underground and have been forgotten. This is due to the fact than when the province began using natural gas as its main fuel, the oil tanks were no longer being used and it was a case of out of site, out of mind.


How do you or the potential buyer know that you are legally or illegally selling a property when you can’t even see the oil tank to begin with? Do you need to dig up the entire grounds?

Luckily ‘no’ is the answer to the latter question. The answer to the first is also relatively simple. With residential oil tank detection, you can hire a company, such as West Coast Tank Recovery, to figure out whether there is an oil tank on your residential property that needs to be removed before you sell it.

Residential oil tank detection does not mean digging up your entire garden, in fact we don’t need to dig at all in order to figure out if there is an oil tank there. At West Coast Tank Recovery, we use top of the range infrared technology in our residential oil tank detection process. Our equipment will scan below the surface and we will be able to know if there is something underground, such as an oil tank, by the readings the technology provides us with. Only after a positive residential oil tank detection will we begin the removal process to make your property sellable. And if no tank is found, we provide official documentation to prove that is the case.

Residential oil tank detection is a process that can help simplify the overall project of selling a residential or commercial property. If you need to figure out whether you have one in order to move on to the next step, give us a call at West Coast Tank Removal.

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