Is Your Home Oil Tank Free?

February 8, 2016

Do you know if your home is oil tank free? If not, then you should look into oil tank removal sooner rather than later, and here are the reasons why.

The history of oil tanks

If you are living in an area of Greater Vancouver that was built from the mid 1950’s or before, then there is a very high chance that an oil tank that contained furnace oil would have been buried beneath your backyard.

When natural gas became more readily available, many of the oil tanks were removed, while others were filled with sand or left entirely. If you are one of the unfortunate ones not to have had it removed, then conducting an oil tank removal should be a priority.

Why oil tank removal is important

Although comparing an oil tank removal to sitting on a time bomb is an extreme comparison, it should be said that the longer you leave your oil tank without removing it, then the higher risk you have of problems occurring.

As the oil tanks starts to rust and corrode, whatever oil substance is left in the tank may leak out and contaminate the surrounding area. This may go as far as your neighbour’s property and can even affect the soil and water of surrounding houses. Possibly the worst part of this is that you are responsible for any damage that is caused as a result, so it is best to have an oil tank removal as soon as possible.

How do I know if I have an oil tank still buried?

If you are unsure if you still have an oil tank buried on the property after looking through your housing deeds then the best way is to enlist the services of a professional oil tank removal company. With the aid of modern technology such as ground penetrating radar and metal detectors, the oil tank removal company is able to locate one,if there is even a trace of an oil tank below.

Send for the experts

If there is an oil tank located beneath your property after scanning, then having an experienced team remove it is the only viable option. If you are even contemplating attempting to remove it by yourself or with the aid of some tools and machinery then you should seriously think again, as this can be a dangerous process for anyone that is not sufficiently trained, and may result in the contamination you are trying to prevent.

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