Oil Tank Detection in West Vancouver

February 20, 2018

With views of the woods, towering waterfalls in many parks, and the sweet scent of ocean air, it’s hard to imagine that there could be something unpleasant lurking beneath the ground of many West Vancouver properties. For many years, oil was a popular way of heating homes, and underground tanks were a preferred way to store this fuel. Now, we have transitioned toward green energy sources, and oil tanks have largely fallen out of fashion, if not been completely forgotten.

If you are unsure whether or not your property has an oil tank, you should find a team to serve you with oil tank detection in West Vancouver.

Why Call For Oil Tank Detection In West Vancouver?

Oil tanks were used on both commercial and residential properties. Today, they may be old and corroding. It is very important that you find out quickly whether or not you have a tank left on your property.

When you are buying a new home, you should be wary of there being an oil tank on it. The presence of an oil tank can reduce the value of the property, and may cause your mortgage application to be denied. As part of the evaluation process, you should make sure to hire a team and ask them to perform oil tank detection. In West Vancouver, there are tight deadlines that stipulate the tank must be removed quickly and safely after it is detected, and this is something you should be prepared to do.

Having an oil tank on your property can also increase costs for property insurance. Many companies will require proof that there has been an oil tank detection performed on your West Vancouver property, or that an oil tank removal has already been conducted.

An oil tank on your property can also make renovations or demolition dangerous. You should know if this risk factor is present before you get started.

Contact West Coast Tank Recovery

Contact the team at West Coast Tank Recovery for your oil tank removal services. We will provide you with oil tank detection in West Vancouver. Our team will also provide you with services for removal, safe disposal, and backfill. Once we are finished with removal, we will provide you with land remediation to ensure that your property does not end up with contaminated soil. Our team will remove contaminated soil from both commercial and residential properties and leave your land safe to be used by your family or customers.

Why Choose Us?
For Oil tank Removal

  • We specialize in oil tank detection and removal
  • We use advanced scanning and detection tools
  • Over 100s of satisfied clientele in BC province
  • Serving both residential and commercial areas
  • We offer Free of Charge Oil Tank Scans in North/West Vancouver