Oil Tank Removal Done Right

August 11, 2016

Oil tanks are now a thing of the past. Once needed to fuel and heat residential properties, they are no longer a necessity in a home. Rather, they become a liability as they age, rust and decay over time. Modern heating methods have rendered these tanks obsolete and time has made them dangerous. Oil tank removal is an important part of purchasing, or owning a home with tanks still present either above or below ground.

While oil tank removal should be done as soon as it is established that there is a tank present, it should not be undertaken by anyone in a do it yourself manner. Only professionals that specialize in oil tank removal and land remediation should be trusted with this type of task. The reason for that is the potential for personal and environmental harm.  The risk is great in normal conditions and even more severe if the tank is broken, cracked or leaking toxic chemicals and fumes into the surroundings. Working with an environmental consultant gives these professionals an absolute surety that everyone is safe from potential hazards during the work and after the job is done.

There are a few steps to full oil tank removal that must be done in their set order to ensure the best results. These start with detection of the tanks themselves, using a ground penetrating radar device to locate the tank. These advanced pieces of technology allow for easy, fast and accurate and non-destructive oil tank detection, without having to dig large areas of soil and create unsightly holes on the property while trying to find it. Next, all oil, sludge and contaminated matter is removed in a manner that protects the environment.  Then out comes the tank itself. The metal parts of the tank are safely cleaned, cut into manageable pieces and responsibly recycled. Oil and sludge is also taken to an authorized recycling facility. The last step is backfilling of any holes created during removal. If a customer wants, or requires restoration of land, that can be done once that soil is tested and determined to be contaminant free. Customers can then rest assured that there are no longer risks of environmental issues due to an oil tank on the property.

The professionals at Wctnkrecovery.net have a great history of completed oil tank removals with years of experience honing their skills in the field. They encourage people to call them any time for a cost and obligation free consultation.

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