Oil Tank Removal Done Right

August 11, 2016

Oil tanks are now a thing of the past. Once needed to fuel and heat residential properties, they are no longer a necessity in a home. Rather, they become a liability as they age, rust and decay over time. Modern heating methods have rendered these tanks obsolete and time has made them dangerous. Oil tank    Read more …

When Do Oil Tanks Become A Problem?

May 9, 2016

If you live in British Columbia, you might be aware of the history of oil tanks in the province. If not, then oil tanks are something you need to know about. To those who are not informed, oil tanks are simply a metal drum structure that stores oil for heating fuel. However, what you might    Read more …

The Risks of Underground Oil Tanks

April 4, 2016

Many Vancouver homeowners are unaware of the risks posed by underground oil tanks to their properties. A staggering percentage of Vancouver properties still contain the remnants of buried oil tanks, unbeknownst to their current owners. While oil tanks may have been buried for many years before the current property owners discover them; Vancouver municipal law    Read more …

Oil Tank Detection: The First Step in Oil Tank Recovery

March 29, 2016

When you live in British Columbia, oil tanks are something every property owner needs to think about at one stage. This is because underground oil tanks are on the grounds of many properties in the province, due to most households switching to natural gas as the main energy source during the 1950s. The reason oil    Read more …

Is Your Home Oil Tank Free?

February 8, 2016

Do you know if your home is oil tank free? If not, then you should look into oil tank removal sooner rather than later, and here are the reasons why. The history of oil tanks If you are living in an area of Greater Vancouver that was built from the mid 1950’s or before, then    Read more …

At What Stage of Selling Should You Consider Oil Tank Removal?

December 23, 2015

When you are selling a property in British Columbia, you need to ensure that there are no oil tanks on it. In the mid twentieth century, the province of British Columbia decided to stop using oil, which was then the main source of energy for the region. BC instead switched to natural gas, which is    Read more …

Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Tanks

December 15, 2015

If you are considering purchasing a residential property in Vancouver, BC, it is imperative to be aware of the potential existence of a disused oil tank buried underground. According to municipal law, it is the landowner’s responsibility to ensure that old oil tanks must be safely removed and disposed of. Here are some of the    Read more …

Planning to Buy Property in BC? Check for Oil Tanks first!

November 24, 2015

British Columbia is a fine mix of the best of nature and the urban world. It is one of the most preferred places to live in Canada and even the world. It has easy access to quality life, education, night life, cultural diversity, beautiful landscape and just about everything that you need for you and    Read more …

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