Residential Oil Tank Removal In Vancouver: The Big Questions

November 2, 2017

Residential oil tank removal in Vancouver is a serious concern for many homeowners in the Greater Vancouver Area, but it’s also a confusing topic. Many residents aren’t aware of the buried oil tanks in their back yards, and don’t know that they can trigger legal implications by just being there.

In this post, we answer 4 of the top questions about oil tank removal in Coquitlam and Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland, including why are they there, to what you can do to get rid of them.

  1. Why Is Residential Oil Tank Removal In Vancouver Necessary?

In the past, we weren’t as environmentally conscious as we are today. When furnace oil used to heat homes was replaced by natural gas in the 1960s, these furnace oil tanks (USTs) were filled with sand and closed for good. Since then, they have laid rusting in the soil, and they now pose a threat to the environment.

  1. What Does That Have To Do With Homeowners In Vancouver?

It is the law that anyone who owns a home in the Greater Vancouver Area is responsible for ensuring that there is no harmful UST located on their land. This means that property owners have the burden under law to check that their soil is clean.

There are two ways to go about this:-

  • Contact the City for records relating to USTs on your property, or
  • Have a contractor check for you. The silver lining is that the contractor will noninvasively scan your property, so nothing will be affected if one does not exist.
  1. Will It Affect The Sale Of My Property?

Unfortunately, yes. The seller must be able to prove that there is no oil tank on the property, or if there is, that it has been deemed too unsafe to be removed and has been cleared by the City to remain.

  1. How To I Go About Oil Tank Removal In My Area?

The laws vary wildly indifferent areas on the west coast. Depending on where you live, your property could be subject to various soil tests and a permit application, or neither of these. Discuss it with your contractor and they will be able to advise you on your circumstances.

Most important to bear in mind is that there are hazardous chemicals involved. Residential oil tank removal must be carried out by professionals who will be able to dislodge and dispose of the UST as safely as possible. For the best service, choose a contractor who is fully licensed, insured and Work Safe BC certified, with an A+ BBB rating.

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