The Risks of Underground Oil Tanks

April 4, 2016

Many Vancouver homeowners are unaware of the risks posed by underground oil tanks to their properties. A staggering percentage of Vancouver properties still contain the remnants of buried oil tanks, unbeknownst to their current owners. While oil tanks may have been buried for many years before the current property owners discover them; Vancouver municipal law clearly states that it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that oil tanks are safely and responsibly disposed of as soon as possible.

Why are old oil storage tanks unsafe?

The reason old oil storage tanks should be disposed of promptly is because of the risks they pose to the local environment. Before gas heating became widely affordable and available in the Vancouver area in the 1950’s and 60’s, oil storage tanks were the most popular source of home heating. Because of their size, they were often buried underground to prevent the creation of eyesores for those living on the residential properties. Once oil tanks ceased being used, many homeowners at the time did not see any reason to remove them.

Recent studies have shown that buried oil storage tanks can be dangerous to their surrounding environments and therefore the onus is now on property owners to ensure that they are fully removed and disposed of upon discovery.The main danger of disused oil tanks is that many of them may still contain oil, which can leak through the rusted tanks and contaminate the soil and water in the immediate vicinity and, in some cases, much further.

As a property owner, what do I need to do?

To prevent damage and destruction to your garden, as well as the property of your neighbours and local flora, fauna and wildlife, it is imperative to check your property for the presence of an old oil tank. West Coast Tank Recovery can perform a hassle-free scan of your property to detect a buried, or hidden oil tank within a short time frame, without having to upheave your garden.

Should an oil tank be detected, we provide a comprehensive, non-invasive removal service that will take the weight right off your shoulders. The expert team at WC Tank Recovery will assist you in all your oil tank removal needs, from ensuring that any contaminated soil is responsibly disposed of, to ensuring that the affected area is backfilled and left looking as good as new.

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