The Top 2 Non-destructive Methods for Oil Tank Detection in Coquitlam

January 10, 2017

Buried oil tanks remain a serious problem in Coquitlam, along with other areas of Greater Vancouver. Homeowners can be severely affected by oil tanks when they start to corrode and contaminate the surrounding soil, along with creating complications for building permit applications and the sale of property, making their quick and safe removal an essential task.

So, what are the top two non-destructive methods for oil tank detection in Coquitlam and other areas?

Method 1: Metal detection

Metal detection provides one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods of oil tank detection in Coquitlam, allowing an experienced company to scan your property for any trace of large metal objects below.

This can provide a prompt answer as to whether there is an oil tank, or similar item, buried under your property. If the results are inconclusive, however, ground penetrating radar might then be required to confirm the results, as there there is the potential for other items to falsely appear as a buried oil tank.

Method 2: Ground penetrating radar

The most effective and thorough method of oil tank detection in Coquitlam is utilizing ground penetrating radar, which provides an accurate and reliable result for the client.

Ground penetrating radar can also help to clarify potential false readings from the metal detection method, allowing you to be entirely sure of the buried oil tank, before any of the excavation process begins.

Best of both

Finding and using a company that offers both metal detection and ground penetrating radar is the recommended solution, as they will be able to know which technology to use in each unique situation. Opting for a reputable and reliable company to assist with oil tank detection in Coquitlam is another highly recommended piece of advice, as it’s certainly a job that you don’t want to go wrong.

With there being four important stages, from the detection and oil tank removal, through to the disposal of the tank and subsequent backfill process, opting for a high quality service is therefore an wise choice.

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