What Is The Cost Of Residential Oil Tank Detection In Vancouver?

February 5, 2018

When considering the cost of residential oil tank detection in Vancouver, it is worth it to consider all aspects of your situation. For example, where is your house located in the greater Vancouver area? Or are you currently buying or selling the property in question? In the following article, we run through the potential costs to complete oil tank detection and removal in Vancouver.

If You Are Not The Owner Yet

If you’re a potential property buyer waiting to close a deal, then you should know that it is not your responsibility to dispose of a current oil tank. In fact, the onus is on the seller to ensure the property is free from a potentially harmful underground oil storage tank (UST) before it is sold.

Look for a certification from the seller that a residential oil tank inspection has been carried out on the property, especially if the structure was built between the 1920s and 1960s. If this hasn’t been done yet, then include it in your contract stipulations, so this does not become your problem once the deal is complete.

If You Aren’t Sure If There Is A UST On Your Property

If you suspect that there may be a UST on your property, any of these five signs may be present:

  1. There is an unused filler pipe sticking out of the ground
  2. You’ve identified a metal pipe cap in your garden
  3. Your house’s exterior has a vent pipe
  4. Your lawn dips down in a particular area
  5. You’ve noticed a rainbow-like sheen after heavy rain

Should you be able to confirm any of these signs, or have any other reason to believe the property needs oil tank detection, then get in touch with a Vancouver oil tank detection service. At West Coast Tank Recovery,we provide a completely free inspection using modern infrared technologies, meaning that the inspection won’t affect your yard at all.

If You Do Need Oil Tank Removal Services

If the residential oil tank detection test does find an oil tank on your property, then you will need to apply for a permit, and pay for the removal of the tank for environmental safety reasons. Depending on where you are located in BC, the permit will cost anywhere between $0 and $300. West Coast Tank Recovery will be able to help you arrange the permit, and provide a quote for tank removal. We also guarantee that if another company can offer a lower price, we will beat it by $100.

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