Why It Takes An Expert To Conduct Oil Tank Scanning

September 13, 2017

If you think that you might have an oil tank buried under your property, or you are required to scan in order to sell your home or gain a building permit, using an expert for the oil tank scanning and removal process is nothing short of essential.

With oil tanks often being buried a considerable distance down in the ground, potentially obscured by other material such as stonework, having a professional conduct the oil tank scanning is required, in order to be sure of whether there is one on your property.

Here are three more reasons that oil tank scanning needs to be completed by an expert.

Professional Oil Tank Scanning Equipment

One of the most obvious reasons that oil tank scanning needs to be completed by a professional is that they have the necessary equipment at their disposal. With professional grade metal detection equipment, along with advanced ground penetrating radar, this isn’t the type of equipment you can pick up easily or inexpensively.

Years Of Experience And Knowledge

Added to having the oil tank scanning equipment required, a professional business will have the years of experience and knowledge to adeptly perform the task. Using their previous oil tank scanning knowledge, they will be able to quickly and reliably advise of whether there is an oil tank buried under your property, after analyzing the results of the metal detector and ground penetrating radar.

If there is one buried, the businesses specializing in oil tank scanning will also be experts in the removal process too, which should happen as soon as a buried oil tank has been detected.


In many parts across the Greater Vancouver area, having proof that you have conducted oil tank scanning is required in order to sell your home, or gain planning permission for a building or extension project. Using an expert will allow you to fulfill this requirement, as they will provide official documentation affirming that there is no oil tank on the property, whether because one was not found, or because one was found and properly removed.  This also means that you won’t need to undergo another oil tank scanning process again in the future.

In Summary

Oil tank scanning is a critical task for discovering whether a buried and potentially harmful oil tank is lurking beneath your property. This is not a task that can be carried out yourself, with an experienced and professional company specializing in oil tank scanning the only way to go..

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