Contaminated Soil Remediation

We use safe ground scanning methods and soil testing to unearth the exact location of the hidden oil tanks.

If we find oil contamination in the soil we replace it with granular, clean and compactable soil. We use safe soil remediation and make sure that there is no danger to the neighborhood and the nearby structures.

West Coast Tank Removal services offer oil tank detection, removal, disposal of the metal, soil testing and remediation and provide permanent solutions to property owners. We adhere to all the safety standards and comply with environmentally safe procedures.

Our comprehensive oil tank removal solutions comprise of:

• Hidden tank detection
• Soil testing
• Tank removal
• Removal of contaminated metal
• Soil remediation
• Back-filling

Our expert team is committed and determined to provide easy and safe oil tank detection and removal services including soil testing and soil remediation to cater to both residential buildings and commercial places.

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