Oil Tank Detection (M-Scope & GPR)

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Oil Tank Detection (M-Scope & GPR)

Detecting hidden oil tanks needs special skills and techniques. We are professional oil tank detection service providers in Vancouver who have the expertise to deal with tank detection, removal and disposal. We use the most modern technology available to detect the exact location of a hidden oil tank. Using non-destructive procedures while following the detection process with modern ground scanning machines prevents any damage to your property.

We adopt scanning techniques such as M- Scope Oil Tank scanning and GPR Radar Oil tank scanning.

M-Scope Oil Tank Scanning

This is a radar display with a range notch or a range step. The pulse is aligned with the notch to read the range from a counter or the dial. When the pulse is aligned with the step or the notch, the range can be read from the dial or the counter. This method helps in detecting the location of buried oil tanks.

GPR Radar Oil Tank Scanning

At West Coast Tank Recovery, we also offer Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR oil tank scanning- a non-destructive method of oil tank detection below concrete.

GPR scanning enables hidden tank detection in concrete or stone work and thus prevents exploration destruction. We have skilled technicians who can accomplish the task of fuel or oil tank detection on residential and commercial properties.

If no oil tank is found, a Compliance Letter is issued, which is required by lending agencies and many municipal authorities.

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