Soil Test Consultation

Hidden oil tanks usually signs like filler cap at close proximity of your home. Unused oil tanks and fill pipes that were hidden during landscape additions, makes visual detection difficult. In case of absence of any clear signs of buried oil tanks, we use appropriate tools and techniques to uncover the location of such tanks.

Due to rust corrosion, holes form in the buried tanks and oil seeps out and contaminates the soil and groundwater. This causes variety of legal, economic and environmental concerns for property owners and other individuals who want to buy or sell their properties.

We offer Soil Test Consultation services that determine if there are any signs of oil leakage in the soil. We backfill the soil if it meets the standards set by the Ministry of Environment. However, if it does not meet the standards, we remove the contaminated soil and dispose it safely.

Contact us for availing our professional oil tank detection, removal, disposal of the metal services including soil test consultation.

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