Residential and Commercial Oil Tank Removal (UST)

West Coast Tank Recovery specializes in the Detection and Removal of:

  • Aboveground Oil Tanks
  • Underground Oil Tanks (Residential & Commercial)
  • Diesel & Fuel Tanks
  • Gasoline Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Service Station Tanks

Residential Oil Tank (UST) Removal:

West Coast Tank Recovery specializes in Residential Oil Tank Removal. Our highly trained and certified crews detect, remove and dispose of all Residential Oil Tanks.

Commercial Oil Tank (UST) Removal:

West Coast Tank Recovery is experienced and equipped to remove oil and fuel tanks from commercial properties such as Gas Stations, Shopping malls, Office buildings, Farms, and Productions plants.

Our team is one of the most competent for heavy duty commercial Fuel and Oil Tank Removals. Call us first.

1) Detection

Using the latest technology, a West Coast Tank Recovery Technician will scan your residential or commercial property for an underground storage tank.

2) Removal

West Coast Tank Recovery Inc. always works in a contained area so that all oil, sludge, contaminated sand or soil can be removed in environmentally sensitive ways.

Our trained crews always work with a third party Environmental Consultant.

3) Disposal

Fulfilling all environmental standards, we dispose of the tank by cutting, cleaning and recycling all metal. Oil or sludge are then disposed of at authorized municipal recycling facilities.

4) Backfill

Following the removal of the tank and necessary soil testing, our team will back-fill the site. We can also provide site restoration services, depending on customer preference.

GPR Oil Tank Scanning (Tier 2)

West Coast Tank Recovery offers Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning, a non-destructive way of detecting hidden Oil Tanks below concrete or stonework.

When required, GPR scanning (Tier 2) has the ability to detect a hidden Oil Tank under various stone work, eliminating the need to destroy finishes.

M-Scope Oil Tank Scanning (Tier 1)

Regular Oil Tank Scanning (Tier 1) is the first step. Our technicians use an TW6 M-Scope Metal Detector to locate Oil Tanks.

If no Oil Tank is located, a certified Letter of Compliance is issued, which is required by many municipal authorities and lending agencies.

Contaminated Land Remediation

West Coast Tank Recovery offers contaminated soil removal from Residential and Commercial properties. Call us today for your free of charge, no obligation quote


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